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The Foundation

"(…) what is important is not to complete a work, but to open the door to one day embarking on something."
Notes by Joan Miró, JMF notebook [1941]

Fundació Mas Miró is a private non-profit-making organization created in 2013 with a view to promoting the importance of Mas Miró and paying tribute to the artist Joan Miró, reviving the property’s role as an inspirational setting and source of reflection and knowledge. 

Fundació Mas Miró is the third point in a major Mironian triangle, also made up of the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona and Miró Mallorca Fundació in Palma.

Our mission

Fundació Mas Miró’s mission is to promote a greater awareness of the relationship between Joan Miró’s life and the artist’s work through a background context of crucial importance to the artist’s development: Mas Miró and the Mont-roig del Camp landscape in which it is set. Mas Miró aspires to become a reference point as a centre specializing in Joan Miró’s art and in the dissemination of local art and culture.

©Fundació Mas Miró, 2020.

Our vision

Joan Miró once said: "All my work is conceived in Mont-roig". 

Mont-roig and Mas Miró both offer a personal insight into the artist: Mont-roig as a source of inspiration and Mas Miró as part of his private world. By coming to understand a backdrop that was so influential in the artist’s life, a new perception of his work can be achieved.  

©Fundació Mas Miró, 2020.

Our values

In keeping with Joan Miró’s proven concerns and sensitivities, Fundació Más Miró’s philosophy is based on the following principles: 


"We must be one with the land, we must listen to the cry of the land."

From statements made to Camilo José Cela, 1957

One distinctive feature of the artist that was highly influential in his work was his deep respect for the land and for nature. In all decisions that the Foundation takes, it always bears in mind any possible environmental repercussions. 


"I’m happier wearing a sweater and drinking from a ‘porrón’ with the Mont-roig farmworkers than dressed in a dinner jacket, hobnobbing with duchesses in big Paris palaces.”"

From statements made by Joan Miró to Francesc Trabal, 1928

Miró made many references to the importance that he attached to his roots and to his links with the land. All the Foundation’s activities revolve around Mont-roig, given our awareness of the defining role that it plays in the project and in its development. 


We believe that any assertion must always be backed up by solid arguments. In all research, there is room for speculation, imagination and hypotheses. Nonetheless, in a project like this, a well-documented rigorous approach based on tangible proven data is absolutely essential.  


For the artist, Mas Miró was always a place for get-togethers with friends, family and local neighbours, from celebrated artists in search of a restful inspirational setting to neighbouring farmworkers who gathered in the farmhouse chapel to worship. 

In opening its doors to the public, Mas Miró wishes to share a place that infused Miró’s work with so much meaning. The Foundation aspires to make the centre and its programmed events available to as wide a public as possible–including children, adults, local residents, visitors, academics etc.–, tailoring its programme to meet each target group’s expectations and interests. 

The Board of Trustees

"I need a starting point, even if it is only a speck of dust or a shining ray of light."
From statements made by Joan Miró to Yvon Taillandier, 1959

The Board of Trustees is the Foundation’s governing and administrative body. It represents and manages the Foundation, with all the necessary authority and powers to carry out its founder goals. The Board of Trustees is made up of Joan Miró’s heirs, Mont-roig del Camp Town Council, the Foundation Joan Miró (Barcelona), Miró Mallorca Foundation (Palma) and State Secretariat for Tourism, in addition to local representatives:  

Mr. Fran Morancho López

Mr. Matias Vives i March

Mr. Joan Punyet Miró
Mr. Lola Fernández Jiménez
Mr. Jaume Freixa i Janariz
Mr. Rosa Maria Malet Ybern
Mr. Miquel Anguera i Bru
Mr. Francisco Copado Carralero
Mr. Fernando Valdés Verelst

Mr. Josep Maria Coronas Guinart

©Fundació Mas Miró, 2020.