©Fundació Mas Miró, 2020

The Project

"(...) the passage from The Farm to more recent work is a natural one. Like a seed that is sown, which the soil then swells before a tiny shoot can emerge that becomes a leaf, later a tree, then a flower and finally a fruit."  

From statements made by Joan Miró to Manuel del Arco, 1968

Since its creation in 2013, Fundació Mas Miró has striven to lay the foundations of a centre able to live up to the high standards that are expected of it. Given the magnitude and importance of this initiative, a decision was taken to put the project into action in various stages. 

On April 20th 2018, coinciding with the 125th anniversary of the artist’s birth, Mas Miró will open its doors to the public, launching an initiative that will gradually be developed in stages.

The first phase has mainly been a structural one, in addition to the renovation of the exteriors and adaptation of the studio, farm, chapel, henhouse and farmyard (the latter as a reception area). On-site documentary, catalogue-related and research tasks have also been carried out.  

Nonetheless, work is still pending to the building, together with new infrastructure that will be created as the project advances, in accordance with the sustainability and feasibility criteria on which all the Foundation’s activities are based.

©Fundació Mas Miró, 2020.