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Miró Triangle

The Miró Triangle comprises three sites – three emotional landscapes which help us gain a deeper understanding of the work and spirit of Joan Miró.

The three vertices of the triangle are: Barcelona, with the – Fundació Joan Miró – the landmark for viewing and researching the output of the artist’s entire career; Mont-roig, with the Fundació Mas Miró, which reveals his roots, his land, his inspiration – the point of departure and origin of his creative quest; and Mallorca, with the – Fundació Miró Mallorca – the studio he had always dreamed of and the art he produced over three decades on his island refuge.

Barcelona, ​​Mont-roig, Mallorca. Inspiration, architecture and art. Three referents, three vertices of an essential triangle to understand the totality of the mironian work. / /

©Hereus de Joaquim Gomis. Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona