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Collaboration and strategic alliances

One of the driving forces behind the project in which the Foundation is engaged are its collaborators. There are different ways of collaborating with the Foundation and taking part in a project that is also conceived to benefit the local area. By undertaking to collaborate with us, you can obtain certain benefits in terms of visibility and exclusive access, among others.


If you would like to form part of the Fundació Mas Miró project, we invite you to get to know it. For further information about different ways of collaborating, contact  comunicacio@masmiro.com

We already have the support of:
Joan Punyet Miró
Lola Fernández Jiménez
Calder Foundation
Galerie Lelong
Galeria Mayoral
Galerie Gmurzynska
Dolors Junyent
Sabancı University
Isabel Font
Tez Tour

Strategic alliances

Mas Miró cannot be understood in isolation. Only when it is seen within a certain context–in relation to the artist, its history, origins, connotations or architecture–can its true value be appreciated. 

Mas Miró is therefore integrated in or forms part of all the following initiatives:

Succession Miró

The “Miró’s emotional landscapes” route

Foundation Joan Miró, Barcelona

Miró Mallorca Foundation, Palma

Catalonia’s Iconic Houses

The Landscapes of Geniuses